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Welcome to the Home of Quad Backup Quad Backup

Welcome to the Home of Quad Backup

What would you do if the data on your server was lost?

"We had just been using Quad's online backup software for a couple of months, when we found a folder which had been deleted in error some time ago. We were also using tape backups and always rotated one offsite to Quad. However, we only had a two week schedule and Quad were able to restore data from the online system which was not available on the oldest tape." - Brian Summerson, Arches Housing Ltd

QuadBackup - Backup Your Data Online, Offsite
Quad’s online backup ensures your data is safely stored off-site, enabling you to easily recover data from your backup history. At some point, everyone will lose data. It is often then that you will realise how good or bad your current backup strategy is. Your recovery is only as good as your last backup:-
Do you know when your last backup was taken?
Do you know that it worked?

Restoring Data
Restoring single files is simple, using our web front end, you can log in and find the file you need. A click shows you the versions of the file available. Choose which one you need and download it. To perform a full or partial system restore, you need to call Quad who will restore the data to an appropriate medium and this can then be collected or delivered to you immediately. You can recover individual files quickly and easily through the web interface.

What to do Next
Get in touch! We understand that different businesses have different requirements when it comes to backups. We have years of experience and many sites installed, so we can tailor a solution to suit you.

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